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on bicycle path vigilantes
Sun, 05/24/2009 - 20:52 — WolseleyGirl

Sunday and holiday bike path
just for clarification
motorists do not HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO USE THE ROAD ON SUNDAYS (or holidays). The signs you spoke about all the way along Wolseley - something to the effect of "Cyclists - remember vehicles have the right to use the road" is meant for regular days M-Saturday when Wolseley is only a regular bike path - and some pedestrians and cyclists - not all - take up a little more then their share of the road.

All Growed Up

When I was young, my definition of an adult was being able to do things yourself. Read. Drive. Buy Groceries. And to some extent this is still my standard. This view started early and drove my parents up the wall, it may have been faster for them to tie my shoes and be on our way but they would stand there with patience while I said "Do By Self!" in the most imperious of voices. I am still very 'do by self' and those words are immortal in my family.

Westward Bound

So here we are, prepping to head west and I thought I would share a little of what I have seen, done and dealt with while working with Craig Street Cats.

In my dealings with CSC I have had a rather unique view of things. First, it was reading the origional info sheets left at the store and thinking "what a fantastic idea!". Second, it was recieving the first batch of kittens. Third, it was watching the progress via the web site as cats were trapped, neutered and released. And lastly, it is as an active volunteer giving both time and goods to the organization.


Okay, as a soon to be "Wolseley Girl," here is what I need to do.....

*get information to lawyer in Winnipeg
*get information from lawyer in Saskatoon
*get information to insurance agent
*arrange for alarm monitoring
*find out what Sask Health needs for health coverage

There's much more, but I can't think of anything else, right now. Oh well, back to packing.....

on bicycle path vigilantes

This morning, as I was driving down Wolseley, I was accosted by a bicycle path vigilante. This person was making a point of walking down the middle of the road, disrupting motorists who HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO USE THE ROAD ON SUNDAYS. There are, in fact, signs with statements to this effect posted all the way along Wolseley.

on theft of intellectual property

In today's mail I received a postcard from a local real estate agent. The card encouraged me to visit a brand new website that would tell me about the history of Wolseley and all about shops and businesses located in this neighbourhood. Cool, I thought.

on stupidity

Yesterday, the Winnipeg Humane Society made changes to one of its programs. Now, this happens all the time. Programs are updated, made more accessible, improved, or dropped, depending on the situation. Yesterday was different, however. Yesterday marked what may be the stupidest change that any animal welfare group has ever made to any supposed animal welfare program.

On Renovations

I am beginning to understand why it is that contractors are usually behind schedule on renovations. As I go through this site, trying to prepare it for the rest of the world to see, I keep finding more work that needs to be done. I had hoped to be completely finished by now, but things keep dragging on.

I suppose it would be much easier to get done if silly things, like work, didn’t keep getting in the way. Ah well, I can honestly say that when I get done with this site, it will be well worth the wait. Just like those contractors keep saying about renovations. . . .

How Calling Health Links Almost Got Me Killed

Originally published Apr. 1, 2008

On Saturday I happened to call Health Links to ask a couple of questions. I had had a really strange sore throat for a few days, and was debating whether to go to Urgent Care, or wait for Monday when my family doctor would be in his office. The nurse was very polite and professional. She asked a bunch of questions, listened to the answers, and told me that I needed to hang up, call 911 and get to either HSC or St Boniface hospital. It seems she thought I was having a heart attack.

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