on stupidity

Yesterday, the Winnipeg Humane Society made changes to one of its programs. Now, this happens all the time. Programs are updated, made more accessible, improved, or dropped, depending on the situation. Yesterday was different, however. Yesterday marked what may be the stupidest change that any animal welfare group has ever made to any supposed animal welfare program.

The program that was changed yesterday was the feral cat TNR (trap/neuter/return) program, which was intended to help control the feral cat population in Winnipeg. As anyone who lives in Wolseley can tell you, feral cats are a huge issue. The old TNR program was difficult to access, and not everyone working at the WHS even knew it existed, but it was workable for those who took the time to ferret it out. The "rules' for the old program can be found here

The newly revised program, makes it all but impossible for anyone to access the service. It punishes anyone who wants to care for feral cat colonies. It places ridiculous restrictions on when and how cats may be trapped. It threatens appropriation of cats brought in for sterilization. It saddles feral cat caregivers with a legal requirement to provide cats brought in for sterilation with ongoing food, shelter, and medical attention, AND makes them liable for any fines the city may choose to impose due to the cat being "at large", OR for ownership of excess animals. It is, in short, stupid.