All Growed Up

When I was young, my definition of an adult was being able to do things yourself. Read. Drive. Buy Groceries. And to some extent this is still my standard. This view started early and drove my parents up the wall, it may have been faster for them to tie my shoes and be on our way but they would stand there with patience while I said "Do By Self!" in the most imperious of voices. I am still very 'do by self' and those words are immortal in my family.

Perhaps this is why it is so hard for me to try and understand when people dont or wont 'do by self'. While at the Manitoba Cat Club Cat Show in July I was helping man the CSC booth, one of the things we have there is a half size model of a winter cat shelter. These are used to give the cats a place to stay warm in the winter and a cat that isn't fighting infection due to ears freezing off is a healthier cat.

Here is the kicker.

The question of the day was "Do you sell these?" or some variation on that (Do you make these and sell them? Would you make one for me if I paid for it? etc)

At which point I would explain that they are easy to make, it's just Styrofoam insulation, duct tape and an emergency blanket, and you make a box, not hard at all. And that would be the point where people would just sort of say "oh, well, maaaayyybe"

And then we would go through it all again.

The basic theme that I came away with was that people think (or know) that there is a problem and they are more than happy for someone else to take care of it. CSC provides the food and shelters for the colony managment, but the shelters are made by volunteers for CSC and there just isn't the volunteer pool to draw on to make them for sale and yet people want this to be provided for them so they dont have to.

Why is it that people cant even do one simple thing for themselves? It's high time society collectivly grows up and deals with life.

On a side note, whenever someone from south of Manitoba (anywhere south or at least warmer) comes across the booth, the first thing they ask is where do the cats go in winter, how do they survive the cold? And yet no Manitobans seem to think about it, let alone ask.