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on bicycle path vigilantes
Sun, 05/24/2009 - 20:52 — WolseleyGirl

Sunday and holiday bike path
just for clarification
motorists do not HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO USE THE ROAD ON SUNDAYS (or holidays). The signs you spoke about all the way along Wolseley - something to the effect of "Cyclists - remember vehicles have the right to use the road" is meant for regular days M-Saturday when Wolseley is only a regular bike path - and some pedestrians and cyclists - not all - take up a little more then their share of the road.
I have lived here all my life and enjoyed the bike path as well. My dad never seemed to love the fact that Wolseley was shut down on these days either - but he got used to it...and I THOUGHT we understood the rules.

Hence the following:

Until about a year ago- like you - I was under the impression that if you live here you could still use Wolseley to drive to your home. Actually when I met my husband and drove down Wolseley on a Sunday - he wasn't very happy that I was disobeying the signs. I always told him " - no - it's ok - my parents live here - it's only as long as you are not "through" traffic..." - he was skeptical - but...I was the driver - ha ha ha ha.... (in an evil cackle sort of way...).

Please note - we have since bought my parents house - my husband never lived in Wolseley before, is not a stickler about pretty much anything, and is not a bicycle path vigilante or enthusiast for that matter - although we have been enjoying the path lately a lot more.

I was driving down Wolseley like you and was just about parking at home - I was stopped by the police - who told me - regardless if you live here you have to access your home with another street - and that they permit you to go down Wolseley if needed 1 short block -
coming down Arlington from Portage and turning left on Wolseley to get to Home St. - No further.

I even argued with them a touch - I mean as much as you can possibly argue with a police officer - in other words - I made my view clear (about the sign saying "through" traffic and all) - but they were firm - next time I would get a ticket. (of course my husband chuckled - and I believe even said "I told you so")

After I went through a little stage of road entitlement in my mind...
it started making sense - the less cars on the road - the more enjoyable the bike path for everyone. I'm now to the point where I feel it's actually nice that traffic does not rule this area like so much of the rest of the city.

On those days (Sundays, and holidays) I often forget about the bike path and turn on to Wolseley from Maryland - my husband laughs as we take Walnut (I believe it is the first street) up to Westminster and travel up to a point where we only travel Wolseley the one block to get home.

Also - my husband will now walk in the middle of the road - "because" he says - "I'm a Wolseleyite now - where pedestrians rule the road!!!"
(sometimes it seems pedestrians go where ever they want in the Wolseley area - bike path or not and on all streets in the area - not just Wolseley - Westminster for eg. but that is another issue altogether)

He is joking of course. Most of the time I am not sure which group he is making the point to or laughing at - the cars or the path users - typically it is not his character to make these kind of points - but he finds much humour in this.
Also - to clarify - we are DEFINITELY not about to accost anyone or join in any human chains or what not.

To all those Sunday/holiday bike path haters -
This hopefully will give you a different view on the matter, and maybe it will aggravate you less?... Maybe will take time - give it a chance.

Sanndje - Born & Raised Wolsely Girl



Hi Sanndje, welcome to

I partially agree with your statements. The no through traffic designation means that you may not travel the entire length of Wolseley on Sundays and Holidays. However, drivers may use the road until they reach a reasonable alternate route.

For those whose start or end point lies between Maryland and Dominion, Westminster is a reasonable alternate route, and one block on Wolseley is sufficient to reach a point where they may access it. For those whose start or end point lies between Dominion and Raglan, however, access to a reasonable alternate route may be several blocks away. I have had police officers tell me that it is reasonable to drive on Wolseley between Raglan and Dominion due to the limited access to or from Portage Ave, particularly if you must turn left onto or off of Portage.

This debate is off the point, however. The issue is not how far cars may drive on Wolseley during Sundays and holidays, it is the fact that some cyclists and pedestrians refuse to share the roadway with motorists who have the right to be there, and make it dangerous for everyone in the process.