City Plan To Spray Trees Threatens Human Health and Environment

Many of you heard that the City began spraying trees throughout the city with Dursban, a dangerous chemical that kills elm bark beetles. Read below for more information

Resource Conservation Manitoba News Release: Winnipeg, August 10, 2009
City Plan To Spray Trees Threatens Human Health and Environment

The City of Winnipeg plans to begin spraying neighbourhood and riverbank elm trees Monday morning with a dangerous pesticide, Chlorpyrifos, as part of a control program for Dutch Elm Disease. The spray program is set to begin Monday morning targeting select Winnipeg neighbourhoods, as well as along the banks of the Seine and LaSalle Rivers. Resource Conservation Manitoba is concerned the spraying could impact human health and the environment. more:


Mosquito Buffer Zones

It is not too late for getting yourself registered for mosquito fogging buffer zones. It is more important now than ever to register, if if your neighbour has a buffer zone already. More people who register, the stronger a signal it sends to the city that using dangerous chemical sprays is not the solution for pest control in our community.

buffer zone

RIDICULOUS!!! This world is so backwards.
They definitely should have the option to not have this sprayed in one's area.
(I already have my address listed in the buffer zone since beginning of 2008 when I found out the buffer zone existed)