Cash Grab Anyone?

This is regarding the Winnipeg Humane Society and my incredible frustration with how they deal with cats, the following is an excerpt from the July 15, 2009 post by executive director Bill McDonald:

"Last year our clinic did 6,300 spay and neuter operations. 4,500 of these were for our adopted dogs and cats and the balance was under the SNAP program. To really make a difference we need to consider getting to 8,000 operations a year. To do this we need assistance and that assistance must come from The City of Winnipeg. Cities across North America are facing the very same challenges that we are. Calgary, for example, has a goal of achieving 10,000 cat spay/neuter operations per year, all funded by The City of Calgary! It is The City of Winnipeg by-laws that regulate cats and the city must extend more assistance to The WHS so that we can stop euthanizing more cats each and every year. I would urge you to contact your city councilor and offer your support that the city does more. To find your city councilor go to:"

Note the last two sentances, it boils down to "WE WANT MORE MONEY!"

Now here is my relpy, I will leave in the typo even though it is killing me to do so, you will also not the phrase "Your comment is awaiting moderation" so they are going to read my comment and then decide if it should be posted. Fine. Be that way, I understand that people can be quite hot headed when it comes to the welfare of the fuzzy-wuzzy kitties but really? I wonder if it will even make it as it is not necessarily "pro WHS"

Mea says:
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August 11, 2009 at 9:34 pm
How much does the city currently “assist” the WHS with cats? Simply asking for more money isn’t enough.

Why not focus on making it LEGAL to manage a feral colony and due TNVR? Why not work on the bylaws so that there are provisions for feral cat caregivers?

I am so tired of them making all these absured calls for money when they have run some of their programs into the ground.