So I've Been Thinking

So, I've been thinking. A lot. Now what I think about might be mundane to some or silly to others but when my mind fixates on something there is nothing that can be done but mull it over and wait it out.

I have a thing about dog breeds. I love dogs, pure bred, mutt, all those furry wagging fellows that walk this earth beside us. I DO NOT like designer dogs, no it's not the dog I dont like, it's what is behind the dog; money. For me, a designer dog is a dog that has been bred from two seperate breeds, usually given a silly name, and then marketed as something fabulous and new with the only intent behind the whole thing being to make money.

Now this subject and those who cause it to even be a subject, really gets my dander up.

I have (and still do) understand the need for breed labels when it comes to identification, when you look at a dog and see a long body, black coat, stubby legs and medium ears something along the lines of Labrador x Basset. It is entirely possible that there are more than 10 different breeds swimming around in your dogs genes but Fluffy gets out (and lost) you have to describe him somehow.

Now I have a dog, of one determined parentage and one most likely (caught in act), and there are many guesses as to what the parents are (were, it was 10 years ago now) and most people are close but not quite. Even though when I reveal the parentage mystery and the audience says 'ahhhh' the dog doesnt have the classic characteristics that both breeds pass down (much to audience consernation).

But how can I get arround this breed label issue? I have to describe my dog from time to time and "large and brown" doesnt really cut it. I also know that he is of 2 "bully" breeds, which is sometimes called for when discussing dogs.

And today I found my answer!
It was so simple: go back to the basics. What I mean is even in the kennel clubs of today dogs are devided into job categories; all the herding dogs go together, all the draft dogs, all the hunting and hounds. So why not do it that way?
If you say "large, herding type, black and tan" then you are describing what would most commonly be called a "shepherd cross" If we use a size, body type, color categorizing system then we can eliminate this whole breed issue altogether. So the above example would be a "large, hound type, black" would be our Lab X Basset.

No, it's not perfect but neither is the guessing game played in every shelter and vet's office. 'Guess the breed of the puppy' was a favorite at my old clinic and the staff were pretty good but there was rarely a 100% unanimous decision.

So I can rest easy with my Large, Draft Type, Brown and Tan dog. Cause really, he doesn't care what I call him, he thinks he is the most special mutt out there.

Mea West