Follow The Money

It's a classic line from almost every cop movie or tv show; when you cant link things together (but you know they do) you 'follow the money'. Now this is a great idea and if the real world worked as Hollywood did then it would be as simple as looking at someones bank statments and check stubs (ha! who writes checks anymore?) Perhaps for the shadier dealers out there have some sort of code but it is easily cracked.

But have you ever tried to follow the money? If you know who to call or contact then as a 'concerned citizen' you can actually get quite a bit out of organizations that actually have to answer to you (things like your city) and you do have a right to know where your tax dollars go.

And in theory if you know where the money goes you can ask about that too because it is still your money going to pay for something.

Yet somehow, somewhere between point A and point B things get a little muddled and muddy. $50 000 from the city budget doesn't show up as $50 000 on the budget of the organization it went to. Now where did that money go? It was for a specific program that isn't outlined in the recievers budget so it could be tucked under another category but if that is the case is it being used for what it is supposed to be used for? If it's not tucked away somewhere then where did it go?

Really, following the money just leaves you with more questions than you start with, none of them are good either.