What's In A Name?

So as this weekend approaches and "a friend for Mysty" also approaches the great name debate begins. When you adopt an animal do you keep their previous name? Many people dont because they want a 'clean slate' sort of mentality when it comes to their rescue. Many people do because that animal fits that name perfectly (or they have a total lack of imagination).

It has been many years since I have had the honour of naming a being dependant upon myself for it's love and care. Almost 16 to be exact. And having worked in both a vet clinic and a pet store I have met many many pets with many many names, not all of which I like. I tend to prefer the more creative than the casual or exotic, a name with a story. I dislike the ultra-common Shadow, Coco(a), Max, Boots, Mittens, Socks, Baby, Misty (sorry Mysty) and on and on and on. Infact, our vet had several 'the seconds' or Shadow II, Blackie II etc. because people would name the first Black Lab Shadow and every subsequent Black Lab Shadow, that repulses me.

My previous darling was named Dandelion (though the spelling was later changed to Dandylion) or Dandy for short because she had significant amounts of orange fur. Now I was trying to think of a name that involved orange or something that was orange but all I could think of was 'Orange' and so I went with oranges cousin; yellow. Dandelions being my favorite flower that was it.
Her middle name (as all animals to me have a full given name) was Lawnmower because when she as young she purred sooooo loud you could hear her through the entire house, over all background noise and her purr had a definate resemblance to a lawnmower.
She then took my last name and hypenated it with my husbands name when we got married.
Dandelion Lawnmower K******-W***
Such a long name for a little animal.

But there is a catch, my family has a penchant for nicknames, everyone has one and most of them dont make sense on face value (though after the story is explained they make sense but really aren't funny anymore) And that seems to pass down to the animals as well. It is also not something you can choose before hand, it just sort of happens one day.

Dandy was also called Poppet (after too many British TV and movies were ingested by her owner) which was shortened to Poppy. Which, when she would greet me at the door was doubled to PoppyPoppy.

Dont ask.

Anyways, that is where my mind has been wandering as of late.

Perhaps there will be a Part II about the dog, technically he was the last to be named and that was 10 years ago.

Mea West