on theft of intellectual property

In today's mail I received a postcard from a local real estate agent. The card encouraged me to visit a brand new website that would tell me about the history of Wolseley and all about shops and businesses located in this neighbourhood. Cool, I thought.

I went to visit this cool new website, and very quickly discovered that the web developer had indulged in blatant theft of intellectual property by forcing content from other websites to appear inside pages on the real estate agent's site. Having some knowledge of how these things are done, I'm reasonably certain that there has been no waiver of copyright issued to the new website. That is, the new site is stealing content from other sites and displaying it without permission. I think I can state with some certainty that the City of Winnipeg, Misericordia Hospital, and iVillage have not given anyone permission to call content from their websites and have it displayed somewhere else.

I am sorely tempted to publish the name of the real estate agent and the web developer. More so because I happen to know the developer, and believe that this sort of blatant theft of intellectual property gives all web developers (me included) a very bad name. It is scummy. It is the sort of thing that makes people run when you say you earn your living designing and developing websites. It makes me angry.